Gun violence prevention organizing in communities of color

Step 1: Join the Peacemaker Network

Enter the community of community of advocates working to prevent gun violence and challenging the criminal justice system. You will be asked to complete a monthly peacemaker action, ranging from getting woke on some reading to tweeting to showing up at an event. Change takes action, and you have the power to create change, and create peace.

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Step 2: Organize in communities of color around gun violence

Learn what other activists and organizers around the country are working on, discover upcoming events and trainings and get the resources you need to organize in communities of color around gun violence.

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Step 3: Request a member of the CJRC Speakers Bureau

This unique training program helps millennial thought leaders and formerly incarcerated organizers personally tell their stories and market their skills and expertise in gun violence prevention.

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Step 4: Read the research and data on who is impacted by gun violence

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Step 5: Find who is already doing work in your community and join their efforts

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Step 6: Donate

The Peace Platform is powered by The Community Justice Reform Coalition thanks to partners like you! Join us in supporting the work to end gun violence in our communities by making a one time or monthly donation.

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